Saturday, May 26, 2018

Now, to handle the media....

Facebook, The New York Times, Twitter, CNN, MSN, magazine, gossip rags, blogs ... really, what is one to believe?
Now, to handle the media....
Meditation and yoga to help kids? You hit the share button. Then someone comments, "Who are the behavioral specialists and who pays them? This seems like it would take some extra funding. They do this in Baltimore in a underprivileged neighborhood? Really?
Mind moves to, "All schools should do this, if it's true."

Now, to handle the media....
4Ocean--two young guys trying to do their bit by cleaning up garbage from beaches. Awesome! Let's send a donation. Then someone claims it's all a scam. You do some digging. Scam. Scam. Scam. But wait, the BBB says they are legit. But, is the BBB site you're looking at legit?
Mind moves to, "How can I help, if it's true."

Now, to handle the media....
Headlines scream from the magazine rack. Brad and Jennifer reuniting now that they're both single. Not a chance, screams the next.
Mind moves to, "Ooh, how romantic! If it's true."

Now, to handle the media....
Twins? Wait a minute. The palace always makes formal announcements. Not a family member herself.

Mind moves to, "Gotta be fake, but ... perhaps best to wait and see.
So do we give up? Stop reading the news? Research endlessly before we decide to believe? Go with our gut? Or, move to a desert island?

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