Friday, April 1, 2016

Real worries we face daily

Worried about fanatical groups taking over the world? Worried about China taking over world economy? Worried about big brother controlling our every move?

Those are not the big dangers. It’s household appliances and electronics that we need to fear.

It’s all those little lights controlling us—turn me on, plug me in, recharge me, answer me … Computers, iPads, phones, clocks—they’re all telling us what to do and when.

Then there are the little beeps that set us running. Oops, time to put dinner in the oven. Oops, time to take dinner out of the oven. Oops, time to fetch the toast from the toaster, time to unplug the coffee, time to turn off the timer …

Not to be outdone by the kitchen cousins, the washer and dryer sing to us. Yes, sing. Merry little tunes as we turn them on. Merry little tunes when the cycles finish. Merry little tunes when it’s time to clean the lint screen.

Do we need all this “control?” Are our brains so overloaded that we can’t remember what to do and when? Maybe so, but I for one could do without all the not-so-gentle reminders. The laundry can wait. So can the phone. If the call is important they’ll leave a message or call back. In fact, everything can wait and the world won’t end.

On second thought, I’ll keep the beeps that tell me when dinner is ready.

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