Friday, March 25, 2016

Best kids' party ever

The munchkin beating on what’s left of her Peppa Pig piñata.
The best kid’s birthday party

               The munchkin beating on what's left of her Peppa Pig  piñata. 
Happens in the street. Yes, the street. In Mexico, that is. And it’s the party our munchkin has chosen for her birthday.
Tables are set up for the cake and food and gifts. Chairs line the sidewalk and curb. The piñata is strung up over the street. Everyone comes—kids, parents, grandparents.
Chicken or pasta salad is served on tostadas, agua de jamaica (made from hibiscus petals) is the favored drink.
The kids play, everyone eats, and then it’s time to sing as the children from youngest to oldest take turns trying to break the piñata. Usually it’s up to one of the teens in the crowd to administer the final blow so the kids can scramble for the candy that tumbles out.
Group photos are taken and candles lit, Feliz Cumpleanos sung to the birthday child, and cake served.
Several hours later, replete and happy, the kids go home with their parents, toting their goodie bags.

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