Friday, November 20, 2015

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BLURB My face is on every television, in every newspaper. They say I’m saving the world. I know better. I’m a school principal not a superhero.
Of course that doesn’t explain the blood on my hands. Or the strange languages coming out of my mouth. Or the feel of swinging a machete. Or the sensation of lifting off the ground before I lose all memory.
Someone or something has hijacked my life. How do I get it back?
Alien contact leads to adventure and love as the characters involve themselves in world affairs in this science fiction novel series. But are humans given second chances after our superhero fights war or will the gods decide our fate?

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BLURB I do what I do to make the world a better place because of these visions I had when I was a kid. I’m sort of invincible too. Crazy, huh? And I’ve found my promised soulmate. Victor doesn’t believe he’s the one. Not yet, anyway.
Damn, damn, damn. I’ve been kidnapped. Victor will find me. He has to. Doesn’t he? The visions can’t be wrong.
With her bodyguards in the hospital it’s up to her watcher, the ex-cons, her dad, and friends to save her. Will they and her soulmate come to the rescue in time or will her delusions be her ruin?


“Okay, Unc, I’m dying of curiosity. What do you need?”
“Anything and everything you can find on Brian Berdin.” Maria’s eyebrows rose.
The Mr. Berdin!”
“Jeez, what’d he do? Rob a bank or something?”
“Nothing like that.” Nick grinned. “If I tell you why, can you keep it a secret?”
“From Mom and Grandma too?” Nick nodded. He could see the wheels turning. Maria loved subterfuge and wanted to be a police detective like him. He was confident she would keep his secret when many adults wouldn’t.
“He offered me a job.”
“What?” she squealed and then clapped a hand over her mouth. “Sorry Unc. I better be quiet or the boys will be in here and you know how they blab everything.”
“The chief recommended me for the job and I met with Mr. Berdin yesterday morning.”
“Were you nervous?” Maria asked. “I mean it being Mr. Berdin and all.”
“Yeah,” Nick admitted. “Who the hell wouldn’t be, Kiddo?”
“So when do you start?”
“I’m going to say no.”
“But, a chance to work for Berdin? Are you sure you want to give that up? I know you love being a cop but jeez, couldn’t you take a leave from work or something and try it anyway?”
“It’s tempting but, no.”
“But …” Maria stopped when Nick frowned at her. “Okay, okay, but if you’re not going to take the job, why do you want the info?”
“He made me an offer and I feel that I have to at least do the research to be fair before I give him my answer.” Maria nodded agreement. Nick knew that would make sense to her moral code too. What he didn’t tell her was just how tempting the offer was. He could buy a place for his mother, send her on a holiday to visit family in Italy, and ease the financial strain for Angie, Maria, and the boys. God, to do all that; to have real cash flow, no money worries. Much to his chagrin, he hadn’t been able to put the financial side of it out of his mind. “Also, see what, if anything, you can find on Jasmine Wade.”
“His sleepover?”
“Give it up Unc. I know all about that stuff.”
“You kids grow up too fast,” he muttered as he studied the little girl become woman. How had that happened? Just yesterday she was a miniature of her mother.
Maria groaned. “I’m almost fifteen for heaven’s sake, not a baby. You sound just like Mom.”
“Okay, okay.” Nick held his hands up in surrender.
“Did you see Miss Wade? What’s she like? What was she wearing? Are her eyes really that green? I mean, in pictures they look brilliant. Is she as beautiful in real life as in her pictures?”

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