Friday, May 8, 2015

Author Tidbits

Author Tidbits
·       My favorite parts to write are dialogue because they’re interesting and real and can take you in directions you didn’t expect.
·       Aspiring writers should always have a critiquing group or writing partner—other writers who are honest and care about the quality of your writing.
·       Robert J. Sawyer is the kindest and most generous author one could imagine.
·       The titles of the four books in the Em and Yves series are a word play on Em’s name.
·       When I’m not writing, I work out, play with my granddaughter, eat chocolate, drink wine, cook—only when I have to, watch The Big Bang Theory, and READ.
·       The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is my granddaughter.
·       My long term goal is to gain a broader readership and make a bit of money from my writing.
·       I have my doubts about how hopeful the future is. Maybe I should stop reading the news.
·       I’m not a fan of book trailers. Trailers are for visual media.
·       The Sound of Music is the only movie that was better than the book.
·       If I was Superman, chocolate would be my kryptonite.
·       I’d rather regret the things I did, than the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.
·       If I could choose a time and place to live it would be now with modern medicine, thanks.
·       I will never read Don Quixote. I tried—more than once. A friend gave me kids’ version. I didn’t like it either.

RT @darlenejones47 You had me at the camel. If u write with the same zest u have for living, I know your books have to be great.

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  1. Great to know all (almost) about you.