Friday, August 7, 2015

Hotel Living

“We’re living in a hotel.” A statement sure to horrify friends and family. 

Yes, we are living in a hotel for a few months until our new place, currently under construction, is completed.

“Why didn’t you rent an apartment?”

Because that would entail a year’s lease and we only needed a place for six months. If we rented, not only would we be obligated to pay the rent for the full year, we’d also be responsible for the apartment for the time it sat empty. So living in a hotel seemed the perfect solution.

“But, a hotel? Isn’t that...?”

What it is, is wonderful. The hotel we are in staff, is old, but clean. It’s not fancy. We don’t need fancy. We have a suite—a living room with two sofas and flat screen TV, a tiny kitchen with a full fridge and stove (we even entertained friends and served a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving), and a three piece bathroom. Cable and Internet connections are included and parking right out our door is free. There’s a laundry room down the hall for our convenience. Maid service twice a week with fresh sheets and towels spoils us.  The suite is small which equals cozy, and we’re finding that we really don’t need more.

Best of all are the staff. From the manager, to the front desk personnel, to the maintenance man, to the maids, all are friendly and helpful and fun. We feel cocooned in a new family. Of course we’ll be thrilled to move to our new home, but we’ll miss everyone here too.  

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